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Gemology is the study and science of gems. Gemstones, due to their extraordinary beauty, scarcity and robustness have been granted a significance that helps many to understand the history of mankind. Gemology is the scientific study of gemstones, which often involves the study of mineralogical fundamentals such as genesis, formations, localities, physical properties and identification of gemstones. It includes the basic knowledge of structural , crystallographic, physical and chemical characteristics and properties of gems. It also involves the way wherein gemstones are fashioned.

A gemstone is a collective term for all ornamental stones that possess all the attributes mentioned above. Astral gems, besides from these material properties, enhance the psychic powers of a person by their curative powers. These gems also have the power to ward off the ill-effects of planets and worn in the form of birth stone. The gem stone must be set in the right metal and with the appropriate weight. It needs to be worn on the correct finger of the working hand. Each gem, having a constant source of specific rays, gives rise to constructive vibrations having therapeutic powers. Thus, wearing your appropriate birth stone will always give you luck and prosperity.


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